only thing to do is jump, over the moon.

7 Feb

gotta find a way to jump over the moon. only thing to do it jump, over the moon.

do you feel like you’re just stuck in a rut sometimes, in a dark place? it happens to me sometimes. fortunately, today has been a rut-free day so far, and i’m hoping to keep it that way. i had a good time in classes & a great time after school. not even the ortho managed to ruin my day for me!

basically, everyone has their own ways of getting out of these little dark points in their lives. for some people its clothes, or makeup, or learning, or sports. for me, it’s socializing. and not in a circle of people im uncomfortable with, but with people i love who make me laugh. if i can do that once a day, its like my apple, keeping the doctor away. CLICHE ALERT! so, that’s how i jump over the moon. how do you?

p.s. if you’re ever in union square, find your way to Book of Wonder. not only are there some great books, and some great events, there are also fantastic cupcakes. like, delicious.


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