one month down, next months goal?

30 Mar

this month i’ve been a pescatarian, eating no meat at all, only fish and dairy and veggies. no eggs, no beef, no chicken, nothing of that sort. and as horrible as this might sound, i miss meat. i’m more educated now about the effects of it and where it comes from, how it affects me. i’ll only be eating organic meat, and less often. i’ve discovered my views on this – if you eat meat that was treated ethically, animals that had a life, then it’s okay. we are human, after all, and we were born to eat meat. we just have to treat the animals humanely and ethically.

anyway, past my rant [: . this month i’m trying something inspired by January’s issue of Vogue. remember, the one with Anne Hathaway<3? there was an article about a woman who came up with a list of 12 habits of healthy people that she was going to try. i’m making a list of fifteen, and that’s going to be my april!

trying something every month seems like a good way to broaden by horizons, no?

so that’s just an update on my day-to-day life. i know you’re all much bigger fans of the fashion pictures, but be ready to see a lot more of my life on this blog.

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