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words to live by, pictures to die for.

16 Apr

“Life’s too short to live the same day twice.”

tres fabulous.

tres fabulous.

“A wise girl kisses but doesn’t tell,
listens but doesn’t believe
& leaves before she is left.”

stereotypical marilyn monroe lips, alluding to the author of the quote

my stint.

15 Apr

After a brief two-day stint at another blog, I was inexplicably drawn back to nygirl. The weblink is ohso tacky, and some of the posts I’m less than proud of, but that’s life, and over the past three months, I’ve grown to love this blog. nygirl is my baby, and I can’t believe I was ready to throw in the towel and let it drown. So I’m back, with a revised typing style [hello grammar!] and more hope.

But while I was away, cheating so-to-speak, I did make some brilliant posts. Check it out, La Beaute Du Diable, which means “The Beauty of the Devil” which is what they call the beauty of youth in France, because you’re too young to appreciate it – and then it’s gone.

j’ai mal.

6 Apr

as you may notice from the strange hours, i’m not in school right now. pour qoui? i’m sick, damnably so. slogging through the rain today from stuy to midwood was probably my worst-looking moment since the fashion faux-pas of sixth grade.  there’s nothing that can bring a good girl down like some rain, dirt, and sniffles. while curled up in my cozy home with some Godiva hot chocolate and my laptop isn’t that bad a situation, the coughs that rack my body so hard i could fall… well those i could do without!

if you’re looking for an update on the new lifestyle of healthy eating and nonstop fitness? oui, i’m trying my hardest. and you know what, it’s paying off! i’d forgotten these few months how good exercise is, and believe you me, i’m not letting it go again.

P.S. drop me a comment with some tips how to get hair like LiLo’s in the post below, where she’s wearing wedges, cigarette jeans, and sunglasses? merci!

style inspiration: BLAKE LIVELY.

6 Apr

isnt she so fabulous it hurts to look?

F21: Lust List 04.03.09

4 Apr

okay, so forever 21 is my cheap & chic. forgive me if i shop there… everyday. without buying anything.

Day Trois.

4 Apr

as you may or may not have been aware, every month this year i have a plan, something im doing about my life. this month is supposed to be the month i get in shape, and fast – can anyone say swimsuit season??

but thats been completely and totally down the drain. day un, i gorged on chocolate. day deux, i gorged on chocolate some more. did i work out on either of those days? non! so what am i to do?

well, as it stands, at 11 P.M. on a friday night i am jumping up and down with the urge to go biking, but since i fear to step outside of my house in my neighborhood this late at night, ill content myself with traditional workouts.

wish me luck!

belt me up.

1 Apr

isn’t this just gorgeous? such a sophisticated, strict shape already – plus a belt? bravissima.

hair colors.

1 Apr





all of these hair colors are spectacular. i honestly dont think one is better than the other – theyre all so vibrant in their own way. the blondes are either chilly and cool, collected, or warm and sweet, oozing sophistication. the brunettes are so “la femme fatale”, so DABA girl chic. raven-haired girls are just stunners, pure deep black. and redheads? amazing. the hair color is so rare, so vibrant, s0 unique.

i think in my life, i’ll move on from being a blonde to a brunette to a readhead. definitely.