determined; from this day on.

17 May
smile wide.

smile wide.

happy happy joy joy.

happy happy joy joy.



  • i’m never going to be the victim of my own complaining again. starting now, no more being trapped by myself.
  • sunless tanning = heaven!
  • i’m getting myself some bangs, either a blunt whole-forehead chop OR cute side bangs.
  • there’s beauty everywhere.
  • ohmygod, i have so much work. i miss you, sleep darling!
  • how can i better my hair? it’s so sad nowadays. i want it to cheer up! maybe if i do, it will too?
  • belts, belts, belts, i need to buy belts! and just accessories, clothes<3 after i finish the “regimen”

xoxo, have a good one ! <3


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