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couture cuisine

30 Jun

I absolutely love this picture. It’s quite old, and it’s been around in the blogosphere for a loooooooong time, but I just stumbled upon it and remembered its fabulousness. Karl Lagerfeld is always right.

party like a rockstar

30 Jun

These are photos from my lookbook on, where I saved pictures of people who looked so good & like they were having so much fun at their respective concert festivals. Which inspired me to plan a trip to Woodstock this August & to go to a festival on Coney Island in July. What are your plans for summer, anything interesting going on in NYC I should know about?

on fire

30 Jun

Right now, this very moment, I’m resisting the urge to run out and dye my hair exactly that color. Isn’t it amazing? And I just love  the whole outfit, honestly, them Brits have got a killer sense of style.

all grown up, wildfox style

29 Jun

Oh my god, I love Wildfox soo much, everything those sisters do is so fantastic. If I could I’d buy all their clothes, but I’ll settle for lusting from afar.

casual chic

29 Jun

la moss

28 Jun

When does Moss NOT look fabulous ? Can someone tell me, because I just do not know. Here’s she’s being grunge-chic at Glastonbury.
I reaaaaaaaaally want some of those Hunter rainboots.


27 Jun

When I clicked on the PRIMA/DONA link on my bookmarks, making my billionth blog-round that day, I was shocked to see some familiar pictures on her blog. Then, my eyes zeroed in on some familiar words – “dirty little secret”. That was when I screamed. And then I screamed some more.
&& The picture’s from there too. It’s kinda how wide I was smiling.

fashion gone rogue, i am so not happy.

26 Jun

As some of you may have noticed, when you  go back in my records to look at past posts, many of them have a “hotlinking is bad! find the original picture at” thing going on. I’m quite angry about that, because I link straight from the site, it’s on my bookmarks toolbar, I go there, and link straight from there. It’s making me very unhappy, because there were some great posts there that are all screwed up now. Just warning you all.

RIP Farrah Fawcett && Michael Jackson

26 Jun

hot summer nights

24 Jun

These are the perfectperfectperfect clothes to wear for hot summer parties, delicious  summer nights, wild ragers. I mean, honestly, so great. And what I love mooooooore is that Mimi, the girl up there, is an engineering major, and not a model, but she takes suuuch good pictures.