visions of summer

14 Jun

this is going to be the best summer of my life. scribbling that all over mirrors in my apartment in lipliner, covering up the outlines i’ve drawn of my face to figure out its shape (OVAL OR ROUND?!). these pictures just made me think of happy, glamorous, fun, summers, the kind of summer i want to have this year. last year’s was such a wash, and i lost absolutely everything on my laptop. BOO.

plans&goals for the summer of ’09:

  • enjoy&do well in the e-tailing fashion merch. course at FIT
  • go swimming at the beach at least once a week
  • partypartypartyparty
  • get myself a rachel nasvik bag
  • go to astroland
  • take yoga/kickboxing classes
  • attempt to be fashionable in 80+ weather (mission impossible)
  • get lucky&win the lotto!
  • spend a day on the beach with a good book/good friends
  • find the perfect bikini
  • clean up the apartment (mission impossible II)
  • get a new haircut
  • get away from NYC for at least one weekend
  • complete a triathalon
  • do something i’ve never done before that’s not on this list

what do you want to do this summer?


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