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24 Jun

Matthew Williamson (who doesn’t ADORE him?!)

one chic chick

24 Jun

Alberta Ferretti (so, so fabulous)

P.S. Am I the only one in love with the wonderful, fabulous simplicity of those shoes?

lace pirates

24 Jun

In my search for happy pictures, I kept coming across the Stella McCartney 2010 Resort collection. It seems everyone’s in love with it. I’d post it, but it’s all over the blogosphere, and yet another blog ranting about its fabulousness is just so repetetive & blase. instead, here are some other fantastic resort collections.

3.1 Phillip Lim (i absolutely positively love him)

ocean views

24 Jun

Not only is that the most perfect beach outfit, the ocean looks soooooooooo inviting. Too bad I’m not going to get to go to the beach or wear a fabulous beach outfit. I am sick as hell. Stomach flu = hell. Especially because there’s so many yummy foods in the fridge, and I can’t have any of them. Ahh.
Well, to make me feel better, you can comment. And I’ll put up more pictures, only happy ones, moodlifters.


23 Jun

These are pictures from the lovely Garance Dore, currently shooting in the best place on Earth – Italy. (best week of my life). Such perfect summer looks, don’t you think? So chic & glamorous & relaxed.

Judi Rosen

23 Jun

currently lusting after this dress by Judi Rosen. thank god she’s having a two day blowout sale next week in the bkay, holla!

stressful day today, down to two dollars for this month. went to bar 89&had a blast, went home, went to workout.  didn’t workout, finally got to the gym TWO HOURS LATER, busybusy working people were on the ellipticals boohoo i worked out sans elliptical and went home. realized my card didn’t work after eight thirty & walk/jogged all the way home.
i also saw this girl wearing the most gorgeous summer dress, couldn’t resist asking her where she got it. turns out, it’sa vintage slip from Beacon’s Closet. i’m so finally going there – this was the incentive i needed.

P.S. i stopped by Chanel today and just touched all the beautiful things. i saw the most fantastic red wool coat, resembling her classics – $3850. so. not. happening. the whole time i was so jumpy in there, afraid that an “intruder-alarm” would go off.


22 Jun

i just realized that my favorite blogs  & i lack something in common – they have insanely witty writing. mine is absent of it. i don’t know why, maybe i’ve been feeling uninspired this year. which is true, i have been a little off-writing.
now, maybe it’s time to bring it back, all the pizzaz. (HA, pizzaz. who SAYS that?) oyvey, apparently i do.
ANYWAY, back on track. this is an official little post to tell you, my loyal girls, (or guys) that there will be more writing in this blog from now on. i also found out my PIC marina has a billionjillionsquillion art programs, so i can use them to make the pictures even bette

Jon Kortajarena

22 Jun

in keeping with today’s theme/mood, i’m showing you Jon, via Miss at la Playa. by word of mouth, i hear he’s as nice as he is stunning.

eye candy

22 Jun

finally, some fashion pics of (HOT) guys. there don’t seem to be too many of those out there. xoxo, A.


22 Jun

a bunch of my favorite looks from a blog i stumbled upon yesterday, and fell in love with. such inspiration for shopping tomorrow.