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fashion mecca

31 Jul

My school. My bridge. Holy shit.
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29 Jul
I’m heading out to this fabulously well-dressed country, Russia, next thursday, for two weeks. So I was wondering, all of you wonderful people, any advice on things to do in St. Petersburg? And not the obvious tourist attractions, I’ll cover those on my own. I mean things like flea markets, delicious pastry shops, an adorable thrift store, you know the like. Please and thank you
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28 Jul

How did this happen? All of a sudden, it was an explosion of activity, and the statistics chart just changed drastically! All of you here because of the i miss you, Italy post please tell me how you found out about it, because it’s driving me crazy. Good crazy, of course, but I’d like to replicate these results!
As it stands, this is my first time getting 1000 views. Whoo! ♥
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the simpsons get haute

28 Jul

I can’t believe it took the Simpsons Movie to get the world to realize that America’s favorite family would look fabulous in haute couture.
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i miss you, italy

28 Jul

Oh my god, this makes me miss Italy so much. It also has me thinking…
-Gondolas do not look like that. They’re all the same, and the seats are definitely not that gorgeous/comfortable.
-How did they get this place so empty? Where are the pigeons, the pushy tourists, the “lion” citizens angry at the invading tourists?
Ah Venice I love you!
PC. Luphia loves…

LA is living in a roller coaster

28 Jul

One thing you should know about me – I appreciate & read every single comment I get, as well as checking out the person’s blog if they happen to have one. A little bit of time ago, this girl commented, and when I clicked on her link I was pleasantly surprised. She posts her outfits almost everyday, and they’re pretty great, as you can see.
PC. LA is living in a roller coaster

sunrise sunset sunlight

27 Jul

I stayed up on Saturday, couldn’t sleep. Ended up watching the sunrise at exactly 5:47 A.M., but I couldn’t see it behind all the buildings crammed around ours. Looks like Kate Moss doesn’t have that problem.
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