8 Jul

I’m so very terribly horribly horrendously insanely positively absolutely sorry that I’ve been so MIA this past week or so, I’ve just been swamped with my FIT class (which I love) & workouts every morning & everything, just life. It’s great though, being busy. I love it. I love taking classes on what intersts me. And I also love that Christopher Kane dress. I didn’t really get the hype & craziness until I saw that picture and it’s like dayummmmm I want one!
So since I know you’ve all been missing me, here are 15 (since that’s how many years old I am) things you need to know about NOW.

  1. I’m learning so much about fashion as a business it’s like brain overload. My class is E-Tailing for Fashion Merch., it’s so nice & small, only a handfull of girls. There are some really stylish chicks, one from the Bkay just like me & one from Charlotte, North Carolina. Crazy, right ? I met two girls from Puerto Rico, awesoooooome tans&speech.
  2. Running out of fashionable things to wear. My wardrobe basic are gladiators+H&M tank+jeans, because on a day when my brain isn’t working, that’s what I revert to. It’s simple & chic, but not enough chic, too much simple.
  3. Loving Garance Dore, as always. I can’t help but wish my writing was like hers, she’s so bubbly and happy and carefree, reading her blog is like chatting with my best friend.
  4. NYC weather is so bipolar. In one day, it’ll rain and be so hot I want to rip off my own skin.
  5. Can one hire a cleaning lady for around five dollars? Is that possible?
  6. Mani/pedis this sunday, finally. It’s such a shallow thing but I do love it, and since I’m always a little short on cash I do curb my manipedi amount.
  7. Really getting into the whole loose boyfriend jeans rolled up and cuffed at the ankle thing. Hated it at first, crazy devotee of skinnies that I am, but now I’m searching for a good pair.
  8. Also searching for a maxi dress & other summer dresses. I thought I’d look like a drowning whale in all that fabric of a maxi, but they’re actually quite perfect. On the lookout for one.
  9. Topshop is constantly on my mind. All five floors are heaven, but it’s so expensive…
  10. ON THAT NOTE, TOPSHOP IS HAVING A SALE !!! Some of the stuff is actually mildly cheap, so I have a chance of getting something from there. I’ll go back in a couple of days when there have been a liiiitle more markdowns.  It’s fabulous.
  11. Miss at la Playa’s Frowie. I know I’ve posted him before, but it’s just such an adorable and inventive little thing that it’s still on my mind. Once again, if you haven’t read it yet, go, you’re missing out.
  12. “The September Issue”. I just about five minutes ago watched the trailer and am just a dithering mass of anticipation.
  13. British accents. I wish I had one. I wish I lived in Britain, for that matter.
  14. Camera, or fashionable clothes to be photographed in? Which is more important ?
  15. I love my friends. I’ve noticed that this week. They’re just great!



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