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summer days

26 Jul

Crazy missing summer in Ukraine, just because it’s just so awesome being in a rural area during the dog days of summer. Eating fresh grown fruit, swimming in the lake everyday…
PC. Starbucks and Jane Austen

jimmy choos

26 Jul

PC. Refinery 29

garance dore in action

26 Jul

I love this photo of Garance Dore in action, she’s just as fashionable as the people she shoots. Fabulous!
PC. Refinery 29

alexachung mania

26 Jul

In my current state of Chung-Mania, I happened upon the photos from that Harper’s Bazaar shoot everyone was raving about. Love(d) it so much.
PC. stlyegazing’s Photobucket account


25 Jul

Love, love, love that Lara Stone is such a big name in fashion, but as she puts it, she has “tits and an arse.” She’s such a Bardot, it’s almost like the glamazon’s lost looks have come back, reincarnated in Lara.
PC. Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland

it’s ON with Alexa Chung

24 Jul

I accidentally caught this on MTV wednesday, and wow. She’s so funny and charismatic. Love the way she does her makeup.
PC. beastandbean’s Flickr.

cat burglar

22 Jul

I’d go on a crime spree if I got to look like that. ♥
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where on earth is Carmen Sandiago?

21 Jul

Babes in Toyland
Ah, nostalgia!


21 Jul

Totally in love with these boots. Can’t wait for them to come out so that I can try to snag them on sale. They’re the complete antithesis of my other fall boot obsession – sleek over the knee boots. But I want, and need, both. ♥
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the reasons for my..

21 Jul
  1. blogging
  2. loving fashion
  3. imagining a successful career
  4. discovering vintage & the world of blogging & the world of fashion
^All stem from one blog(ger).
because im addicted by Geri Hirsch.
She’s simply fabulous, dresses in a stunning way, has a good job & a fabulous blog, as well as a past 4.0 GPA. Can anyone say rolemodel?

PC. because im addicted