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absolutely stunning

28 Aug

I’ve always wanted to be able to draw, but instead have been gifted with the unique ability to screw up a stick figure. So I’m forced to lust for beautiful pictures like this from afar. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

love in her eyes

25 Aug

Love the whole heart shaped sunglasses thing, you might have noticed from a long-ago post.
PC. Ms.Muse

anna wintour vs. letterman

25 Aug


24 Aug

What is your current obsession?I’m absolutely in love with the awesome charisma of this picture, so obsessed with it.

What is your horoscope & do you relate to it?
Pisces, which is irritating. Don’t like fish.

What are you wearing today?
Black tank, gorge necklace, ripped shorts & multicolored gladiators.

What is the last thing you bought?
GORGEOUS brown cardi from Zara, less than 24 hours ago.

What do you think about the person who tagger you?
A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I love the outfits she puts together, and she’s such a sweet girl, too.

What’s for dinner?
Today’s Special was rice, turkey meatballs and a salad.

What’s your favourite decade, fashion wise?
Can’t pick. Love select trends from each decade, but the whole decade itself is never enough.

What are your must haves for summer?
shorts and tanks. Summer is “wear as little clothing as possible” time. I mean, c’mon, NYC is like a sauna.

What would you love to be able to afford?
Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Chloe.

What is you favourite pice of clothing from your own wardobre?
My new cardi, my silky summer dress.

What is your dream job?
Editor-in-Chief of Vogue/Self/Marie Claire.

What’s your favourite magazine?
Can’t pick. Love them all.

What do you consider a fashion faux pas?
Thongs that peek out.

Descrite your personal style:
Impossible, it’s unformed, especially now, in the summer.

Which Beatle is your favourite?
Embarassed, don’t know any. Don’t shoot me!

What are you proud of?
My blog. Myself.


fight club

24 Aug

Sad face. Had a row with my mom over god knows what, miserable as shit right now. Wish I could pop out for a chat with my girls, but they’re all away or across Manhattan, which, living in Brooklyn, makes it far for me. Quite far. No heart at the end of this post, either.
PC. Le Fashion


23 Aug

LOVE. THOSE. PICTURES. HATE that she’s smoking, but what can you do. She still looks fabulous, even though she has that thing in her mouth. Back to the pictures. Just wow. I’m pretty sure Sienna Miller is the definition of charismatic. Watching the movie, Alfie, from which these are from, right now.
PC. A Perfect Guide

hit man

23 Aug

Credit for all the wit & charm of these Hit & Miss columns goes to the ever-fabulous blogger behind Coco’s Tea Party. With permanent residence on my “most visited sites” list, she always serves up something funny and gorgeous. I love looking at the hits for some style inspiration, and her writing is just great, so good to read. Everyone should go to her blog, NOW.
PC. Coco’s Tea Party

i’m baaaaaaaaaaaack

22 Aug

Loving this stylish look from an NYC girl, NOT in denim cutoffs, just like the Sarorialist said. Going back to school shopping, working out, and hanging out – last two weeks of a mildly-nice summer planned out. ♥
PC. The Sartorialist

geri hirsch is the queen of cool

14 Aug
Do you not agree? Is she not fabulous? Don’t you just want to BE her? 
PC. because im addicted


14 Aug

Excuse the crappiness of the formatting, foregin&ancient computer, what can you do? But anyway, these pictures are perfection. I mean what can I say, I’m a sucker for some polariods and well applied catseye eyeliner. 
PC. Fashionologie