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14 Aug

Although it’s absolutely horrible for me to be estranged from all the lovely fashion pictures that I’ve come to depend on as a kind of sustenance, it is a fun little suprise to come back after having missed a week and find such a plethora of fashionable-ness in store. 
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10 Aug
Things I Miss About NYC:
– frozen yogurt, ie. YOGURT STATION (love it, 35 cents an ounce, how could i not?)
– Desperate Housewives
– American teevee in general
– my amigos
& Of course constantly updating the blog. ♥
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cool kids

6 Aug

They’re such cool kiddos, no? Loving the whole bike craze, really love it.
I’m taking a quickie break from packing, but I’m gonna be gone to Russia (with love) soon, and I just wanted to say bye, love ya, miss ya, enjoy the picture.
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leaving today

6 Aug
I’m flying out at 8:30 today, leaving to my hometown of Saint Petersburg for two weeks. I’ve got a lot of thrifting planned, as well as running around and taking fabulous tours, like a motorcycle ride through the city, a spectacular dinner on a cruise ship sailing down the Neva, a bike ride down the windy streets. I’m going to check out the flea markets, the bazaars that I’ve missed so much, walk around in the Hermitage and just enjoy it. So. Much. But I need your help. All of you who’ve been to St.Petersburg, c’mon help out! Tell me great things to do. I know all of you fashionistas know the great things to do.

I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow but I’m still staying up so that I’m tired as hell on the plane, because I need to sleep through the 10 hour flight. But anyway, tomorrow my eyebrows need doing, Barnes & Noble is going to be attacked by my search for the perfect travel diary (have you seen those Moleskine beauties?) and one of my besties&I are going to pop down to St. Marks for some frozen yogurt. How did it become such a big hit? Well, anyway, it’s delicious.

So give me your advice & I’ll try to post, but hey who knows if my father’s crap computer will be working! Love ya,
PC. Le Fashion

monkey business

3 Aug

Haha, I love these photos, so happy! It’s such an adorable thing, a photo shoot on a tropical island with a monkey? How once-in-a-lifetime experience-y. Love it.
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2 Aug

After discovering some old cookbooks yesterday, I made an ingredient list & am going to cook up some yummy things. I love the idea of making delicious treats to amaze my friends and family.
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dreaming of autumn

1 Aug

Wow, I lovelovelove those jackets! Make me wish for fall to come.
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nuclear wintour

1 Aug

I love the icons of the fashion insdustry, people like Karl and Anna and Donatella. Karl has his white hair, biker gloves, and constant tux, as well as the glasses. Anna has her bob, sunglasses and eternally disgusted and adoring look at the same time. I’m in love with this editorial, but I think nothing tops the past Donatella editorial.
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