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27 Sep

I am in love with polaroids, the nostalgia of a bygone era. And plus, they’re absolutely gorgeous photos.
PC. The Singular

24 Sep

I’ve been eyeing this look everyday on The Sartorialist. Tres chic, yes?
PC. The Sartorialist

alexa alexa alexa alexa alexa alexa alexa alexa

24 Sep

PC. Garance Dore

22 Sep

Perfection. Steven Alan, Spring 2010.
PC. Refinery 29

fall out boy

22 Sep

Ah, I seem t’have fallen back into a Fall Out Boy phase. Hello, seventh grade! Anyway, I think you may have guessed the pic doesn’t pertain to the title OR subject at all, how stupid of me. But I was surfing, and I just found it, and it’s perfect. Lara Stone, gorgeous girl, eating some ice cream. I reallyyy want ice cream, and after watching an episode of Ugly Betty, some tico (pico?) berries.
PC. Wildfox

prepsters unite

21 Sep

I’ve always loved the preppy gone wild look, and I think Band of Outsiders manage to completely capture it. Fan. tast. ic.
PC. The Cobra Snake

hot ginger

20 Sep

Well dressed and cute? Wow, what a hit.
PC. The Sartorialist

20 Sep

Does anyone remember the YSL Tribs Tommy Ton took a spectacular picture of, from a while back? I was so obsessed, one of my english essays was about them. Just. about. the. shoes. And I felt like my heart stopped every time I looked at them, but lately they’ve been absent from my mind. Now, I think I’ve found my new obsession.

20 Sep

PC. through the looking glass


16 Sep

I met the Sartorialist and Garance Dore yesterday. Best day ever. I was hyperventilating, on the inside, about meeting him. He was so sweet, all “Thank you so much for waiting!”
I expressed my insane love for Garance in my typical, shy/dorky way, and she was such a sweetheart. “Thank you so much, it means a lot to me that you say that!” she exclaimed in her darling, chic French accent. I died.
The book is fantastic, by the way, simply spectacular. Everyone should get it. Scott is not only good at taking stunning photos, but he also writes such eloquent things to go along with them.

So, yes. I was in heaven.