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14 Sep

Am I the only one thinking Sex & the City, Charlotte, 20-something, at a funeral? Just as stunning as the real girl, too.
PC. Stylesightings

deux cent

12 Sep

I’ve hit a landmark of two hundred posts, yay!
PC. le fashion


12 Sep

Stunning picture,yeah?The metallic sheen of the dress just puts the right kind of edgy spin on a Marilyn Monroe-esque spread like this.

PC. my private peepshow


12 Sep

elephantThe elephant’s a’coming. I’m absolutely in love with this ring from Forever21, $5, how can I not get it?
PC. Forever21

och, aye

11 Sep

Disastrously missing summer right now. The weather has taken a turn for the very worst, as if mourning the loss of happy days & long nights. Since Wednesday it’s slowly gone downhill here in NYC, have you not noticed? Insanity.
PC. ru_glamour

bike chicks

8 Sep

Planning out a route from home to school is my goal for this week. I don’t know how people bike in NYC though, it’s crazy, so many cars. But hey, it is pretty awesome that they manage to do it!
PC. The Arab Parrot
8 Sep

Amanda Seyfried is absolutely fantastic, right? Such a cutie in Mean Girls, and fabulous in Mamma Mia!. I was a little frightened of her at first, but she’s actually quite beautiful, in this etheral way. Anyway, great photos, yeah?
PC. Fashion Gone Rogue
8 Sep

Loving all of these outfits, wishing that I could just throw them on every day of the week. And on another note, FASHION’S NIGHT OUT in two days. Excited, anyone? I’m dissapointed I can’t go to Queens & get Michael Kors and Anna Wintour to sign  the FNO shirt, but hey, I’m hoping I win some great prizes (giftcards & clothes & a signed Loubie, ahem.)
PC. knight cat


4 Sep

Ah, now I know who I’m going to be for Halloween – WONDERWOMAN. Fantastic idea. Of course, there will be some creative interpretation – unitard? Uh, no.
PC. The Cobra Snake

you wish you were wearing it

1 Sep

Loving all of those outfits that the lovely Garance Dore has up on her blog. Don’t you wish you had all those clothes in your closet? I do.
PC. Garance Dore