vendredi noir

28 Nov

Ugh good    God. I’m so tired at the moment, my head is literally bowing down to touch the keys every once in a while.

Just watched Julie & Julia today, FINALLY, after those months of waiting. It’s quite good, but feels very anticlimactic for some reason. Also, I around NYC trying to find an Office Depot to by an acer netbook for $200. FAIL. Looked for new shoes, bought none. First “Black Friday” that I spend outside of my apartment, not sleeing & recuperatng, goes badly. I am not surprised.
And yes, the whole weird snaking-around thing with the words and the photo, it’s on purpose. I’m trying a new thing – obviously not succeeding, but hey. Also have my first shift tomorrow at OM! Wish me luck!
PC. {a glamorous little side project}

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