13 Dec

Yesterday at work study, was informed that there is “no reason I should not be finished by eight!” as if I folded blankets at the pace of a turtle crawl. Well, anyway, I managed to finish the arduous tasks of folding blankets and spraying mats, as well as taking out the garbage (yuck), with twenty minutes before the last class ends. I settled down to read, when my manager rushes over and asks me if I’d finished these tasks which she hadn’t told me about last time. Can  you guess the answer to  that question?

And yet, I finished my work by 8:04! In. Your. Face. But otherwise, everyone’s really nice. Also, had to sneak into the men’s room to check the amount of paper towels. Waited until all the yogaguys had left, then quickly shuffled in, checked, and shuffled out.

This photo is making me think about piercings/tattoos. I’ve wanted another one or two earpiercings for a while now, and have lately been thinking of a discreet celtic-pattern tattoo.


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