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31 Jan

Lesson here: Never stop being a child.

pictures courtesy & copyright of Color Me Katie


30 Jan

courtesy & copyright of The cherry blossom girl

happy late birthday!

30 Jan

Yesterday was my blog’s birthday! I can’t believe I forgot, I feel like such a bad mommy. But you know what, I’m very proud that I kept my baby going for a full year – I don’t think I’ve ever been that dedicated to something that wasn’t mandatory. So, happy first birthday sweetie!

Photos courtesy & copyright of Aran Goyoaga.

30 Jan

The saturated colors and the gorgeous light crispness of the dress make me wish for summer.  It’s absolutely freezing here, all of my plans for today were canceled because we all didn’t like the thought of going outside into the cold. Started going stir-crazy and climbed out onto the fire escape, where I promptly froze my face off. It was better than staying inside for another second, though. I stood on the steps and contemplated climbing up to the roof, but my plans were cut off abruptly when my mother noticed the open window and threw a fit.
I wish it was summer.

Photo copyright&courtesy of 4TH AND BLEEKER

17 Jan

My new year’s rezzies, in photo form. It’s actually very fun – pick one blog, or two connected ones, and go through them, looking for pictures to represent your new years resolutions.

Pictures courtesy of {a glamorous little side project} and {this is glamorous}.


16 Jan

These pictures for dace’s Spring ‘1o line are so stunning. They make me think of Paris so much, of that whole way of life.

Pictures courtesy & copyright of dace.


11 Jan

Ah, I do love them both. miu miu is so delicious, and Chanel is just unforgivably stunning. Even though I am finding Karl Lagerfeld’s obsession with Chanel accessories a little bit queer (Chanel fishing rod, anyone?).

Pictures courtesy of The cherry blossom girl.

sequin mania

11 Jan

Have the biggest craving for sequins right now, finding them so beautiful & otherworldly. Anyone else enchanted with the last photo? Sasha looks like a modern seventies siren in that dress, it’s so stunning.

Pictures courtesy of {this is glamorous} & {a glamorous little side project}.

9 Jan

What perhaps is the most exciting to me about this collection, other than how astoundingly aesthetically pleasing it is, is its affordability. I can actually go out and buy so many of these things, instead of dreaming about them as I would pine for a miu miu bag or Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.

Couresy of ru_glamour

7 Jan

mine. mine. mine.