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20 Feb

Love love love the shading in this picture !

courtesy &  copyright of The Sartorialist


10 Feb

Being sick the past couple of days, I’ve had a blurry mind that wanders from topic to topic. Also, I haven’t been outside a lot. Boo.  So to get some of those thoughts out of my cranium & clear out my mental clutter, here’s some thoughtsies.

  1. Why did I create my blog in the first place? I’ve lost sight of that, a little, I think. It’s all really about sharing my thoughts, but along the way I forgot about that when I noticed that more text = less comments (or just zero comments) and just started putting up pictures. Which is all well, and good, but a. its not the point,  and b. its boring.
  2. I need to sort out my summer plans, ASAP. Before March starts, I need to send in my applications. Also, might take a class in FIT on photoshoot styling, would love to style all kinds of things, like animals and clothes and food. Is there a concrete thought in my mind?? No. No there is not.
  3. I wish I was Garance Dore or Joanna Goddard or Geri Hirsch. Who doesn’t right?
  4. For my birthday, I think I’ll convince the parentals to give me a professional camera so I can take pictures of everything that I want in Prague.

picture copyright & courtesy of Garance Dore

8 Feb

Want. Want. Want. Want. Anyone else thinking of Buffy & Angel when they look at this?

picture copyright & courtesy of Brook&Lyn.

she bangs she bangs

6 Feb

Really seriously considering cutting my hair the exact same way (only mine is longer & less sleek, bleh).

pictures copyright & courtesy of Fashion Squad

5 Feb

Ah, these flowers are so beautiful, they make me so happy. I wish I had gorgeous arrangements like that all over my house, don’t you?
So I’ve been staying after school past five  everyday, practicing the step dance for SING. Love it. My feet & hands are completely, totally sore, worn & losing their feeling, but I do love it!

pictures courtesy & copyright of flower school.

2 Feb

These photos are so gorgeous, and bright, and glamorous. They’re cheering me up, because I’m in a little bit of a shitty mood. We got our new schedules, and mine is more than a little bad. It’s quite irritating actually, and some of my classes make me down right miserable. I’ll work to fix it, but like last year, I’m not sure it’ll happen. What will be will be. I’m very excited for SING though, tried out for cast & tomorrow will try out for step. Am practicing right  now!

pictures copyright & courtesy of Calla