10 Feb

Being sick the past couple of days, I’ve had a blurry mind that wanders from topic to topic. Also, I haven’t been outside a lot. Boo.  So to get some of those thoughts out of my cranium & clear out my mental clutter, here’s some thoughtsies.

  1. Why did I create my blog in the first place? I’ve lost sight of that, a little, I think. It’s all really about sharing my thoughts, but along the way I forgot about that when I noticed that more text = less comments (or just zero comments) and just started putting up pictures. Which is all well, and good, but a. its not the point,  and b. its boring.
  2. I need to sort out my summer plans, ASAP. Before March starts, I need to send in my applications. Also, might take a class in FIT on photoshoot styling, would love to style all kinds of things, like animals and clothes and food. Is there a concrete thought in my mind?? No. No there is not.
  3. I wish I was Garance Dore or Joanna Goddard or Geri Hirsch. Who doesn’t right?
  4. For my birthday, I think I’ll convince the parentals to give me a professional camera so I can take pictures of everything that I want in Prague.

picture copyright & courtesy of Garance Dore

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