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california fun

24 May

furry hat

24 May

girl crush

15 May

No stylists. She is this supercool all on her own.
credit&copyright – Garance Dore

pastel perfect

15 May

Wow, these are so perfect… I so love pastels.
credit&copyright – Karla’s closet


8 May

All I’ve been thinking about lately is summer – summer weather, summer food, summer colors, summer fun. These shots of from anthropolgie are so summeresque, so perfect.

im sorry

8 May


I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I’m sowwy. I’m sorry for the second post of my “return” being yet another collection of forever21 dresses. But hey, it’s summer. I must be forgiven! So now I’ll post everyday for a month :).

its been forever

1 May

Yes, I know it’s been a while. I’m sorry. Computer problems + school shit + complex self-evaluation = no time/ideas for blogging.
But this will all change! The arrival of my Nikon on my birthday foreshadows a sister blog to this one, full of just my pictures. (:
Also, dreaming of summer & summer dresses.