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23 Oct

Cover of a magazine one of the girls from Ruby Press ran when she was in college. Definitely running one of those when I can!
PC. Ruby Press


23 Oct

I’ve just really loved the harem pants look since coming back from Russia – girls over there wore it so well!

21 Oct

PC. Knight Cat


20 Oct

Okay, so I’ve known about LF forever & thought it was just a tiny boutique tucked into my mom’s route to work. Turns out, no. Funny how life has little surprises for you all the time.
So LF is the place to be when they have one of their sales, for me at least. I’ll get a text from my mom going “LF SALE” and right after school I’ll be on the train, whizzing uptown to shop the sale. I got the most perfect pair of jeans in the world at LF, and wore them until there were holes in them.
God I miss them.
PC. because im addicted

20 Oct

When I scrolled down & saw this picture, my breath literally caught in my throat. Isn’t she stunning? I love the way the black & white of the picture makes it even more stand-out.
PC. Knight cat

18 Oct

I can’t believe I didn’t put these up as soon as they were on the site. Why oh why don’t I live in England, right?
PC. Garance Dore

18 Oct

I think I  enjoy Garance Dore’s blog and photos so much is that she seems so down to earth, so just like you. Clicking onto her page everyday is like catching up over a cup of coffee with your bff, complete with gorgeous pictures of girls you wished you looked like, or dressed like. Which is kind of my philosophy, too. The  pictures here are inspiration, pictures that of clothes and people I find beautiful, not “arsty” or “unique”, although those are nice too.
PC. Garance Dore

carrot top

18 Oct

I love the color combination of just the stylish, chic full-black outfit and the burst of fiery red hair. So perfect.
PC. Stylesightings

14 Oct

What a gorgeous, politically-charged editorial. Just wow. I’m in love, by a show of hands, who else is?
PC. R29

13 Oct

LOVE the outfit. And the shoes. Perfection, as always. So, keep doing what you’re doing to Marie Claire, I absolutely fucking love it.
Thank you!
PC. Stylesightings